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Sintered Metal Fibre Cartridges with Premium Benefits

Pleated stainless steel fiber filter cartridge with supportive mesh outside
SMFC-1 Stainless steel 304L sintered fibre felt cartridge filter

Sintered metal fibre cartridge is manufactured by diffusion-bonded or sintered metal micro-fibres with high porosity. Stainless steel fibre cartridges are popular alternatives as a result of its high-temperature & corrosive resistance and chemical stability. In order to maximize filtration, pleated fibre filter cartridges are extensively used in surface & depth filtrations. For a superior mechanical strength and on-stream life, metal felt filter media is always supported by wire meshes or perforated tubes.

Our company has developed different configurations to solve different filtration problems. Metal fiber filter cartridge with single layer is designed for common complication like stream, with double layer is for surface filtration and multi-layer for depth filtration. Our R&D team is good at solving your specific filtration problems and can design different schemes for you or your customer' choice.

Metal fiber felt cartridge can be divided into pleated and plain fibre cartridge filter according to the configuration of the sintered fibre felt media. On the other hand, it can be classified into cylindrical with sleeves and cartridge with connections.

Features & benefits:

  • High dirt holding capacity.
  • Excellent on-stream life.
  • High porosity &high flow rates.
  • Ideal for high pressure, highly corrosive or radioactive applications.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Available for surface or depth filtration.
  • Pleated construction increases filtration area.


  • Hydraulic oil.
  • Toxic or hazardous fluids.
  • High viscosity fluids.
  • Electronic grade liquids & gases.
  • Corrosive liquids & gases.
  • High differential pressure.

Sintered metal fibre cartridge:

  • Pleated sintered fibre cartridge.
    Pleated sintered fibre felt welded to inner perforated tube for more mechanical strength
    SMFC-2 Construction of pleated sintered fibre felt cartridge
    Stainless metal filter cartridge for high temperature filtration
    SMFC-3 Sintered metal fiber felt filter cartridge
    Pleated fibre filter cartridge with strengthening wire outside or without
    SMFC-4 Pleated fibre filter cartridge
  • Cylindrical Cartridge Filter.
    Metal fiber cartridge with NPT
    SMFC-5 Metal fiber felt filter with NPT
    Cylindrical fibre filter with coarse wire mesh outside
    SMFC-6 Cylindrical metal fibre filter
    Metal felt fibre filter disc with 4 layers
    SMFC-7 4-layer fibre filter disc

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