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Customized Extruder Screen - Always Find One for You

Welded extruder screen pack for plastic processing, plastic profiles production.
ES-1 Welded extruder screen for any custom sizes

Our company has been focusing on manufacturing a wide assortment of extruder screens covering plastic, rubber processing, and plastic extrusion and reclamation applications to ensure a clean and viable extrusion. To match with the requirement of the customers', diverse extrusion screen filters are supplied including common disk shape, oval, rectangle, kidney to any unique shapes with or without borders.

Plastic & melt extruder screen packs are made of woven wire mesh and the common material is stainless steel 304L & 316L. The mesh filter is available in plain, dutch or twill weave styles to receive the filtration requirement. The apertures can be produced from 10 to 1000 microns.

Are you always worried about finding a most suitable for your project? Our engineers will work together with your R&D team to design the customized extrusion filter until you & your customer satisfy.

Product specification:

  • Item: extruder screen.
  • Material: stainless steel 304, 316, 304L & 316L, galvanised mild steel. (other materials are available on order).
  • Weave types: plain, dutch & twill.
  • Layer: single or multilayers.
  • Screen Shapes: spot-welded round packs, welded round packs, round packs with or without rims, cylinder, candle, and kidney-shaped.

NOTE: custom extruder screen packs are available.

Applications of extruder screen mesh:

  • Plastic & rubber reclamation.
  • Extrusion of plastic profiles.
  • Blown film extrusion.
  • Plastic & rubber processing machinery.
  • Melt filtration process.

Features & benefits:

  • Precise wire mesh filtration.
  • Anti-abrasive & anti-corrosive properties.
  • Heat resistance.
  • Available in diverse shapes, specifications and weave types.
  • Reusable & cleanable.
  • Smooth screening surface.
  • Cost-effective & durable.
Table 1 Typical plastic extruder screen mesh specification
Mesh Count Wire Diameter (mm) Aperture (mm)
6 × 6 0.900 3.31
10 × 10 0.56 1.98
20 × 20 0.4 0.9
30 × 30 0.28 0.57
40 × 40 0.224 0.411
50 × 50 0.20 0.31
60 × 60 0.16 0.263
80 × 80 0.14 0.178
100 × 100 0.112 0.142
120 × 120 0.09 0.122
150 × 150 0.063 0.109

Extruder screen filter types:

  • Extruder screen packs.
    Multilayer stapled extruder screen round packs
    ES-2 Multilayer extruder screen round packs
    Round extruder screen filter with aluminum border
    ES-3 Extruder screen round pack with aluminum border
    Stainless steel extrusion screen packs with different shapes
    ES-4 Stainless steel extrusion screen packs
    Rectangle multi-layer extruder screen with aluminum frame
    ES-5 Rectangle extruder screen with aluminum frame
    Elliptical extruder screen packs with cut edge
    ES-6 Elliptical extruder screen packs
  • Belt-shaped wire mesh filter.
    Belt extruder screen for extrusion changer
    ES-7 Belt extruder screen for the extrusion changer
  • Kidney-shaped extrusion screen.
    Custom extruder screen with holes around the edge for easy installation
    ES-8 Unique extruder screen with stapled holes for installation
    Stapled plastic processing extruder screen
    ES-9 Stapled extruder screen with diverse kidney-shaped profiles
  • Other special shapes:
    Conical extruder screen with compressed edge
    ES-10 Conical extruder screen filter
    Stainless steel round plated extruder screen with compressed edge
    ES-11 Pleated stainless steel plastic extruder screen with compressed edge
    Many pieces of single layer extruder screen discs on the carton paper
    ES-12 Single layer extruder screen discs

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