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Stainless Steel Coffee Filter - Good Taste & Healthy

Coffee has been popular beverage for people around the world. When you feel tired and exhausted after a series of troubles, the most thing you need is a cup of coffee to inspire you. Have you still used paper filter for brewing coffee? It is a little not healthy and not convenient. According to new report, paper filter contains a highly toxic chemical - dioxin. Hence stainless steel coffee filter is strongly recommended for its reusability, healthy & convenience.

Stainless steel coffee cone filter dripper with red holder
SSCF-1 Stainless steel coffee filter dripper

Stainless steel coffee filter consisting a wide range of shapes - discs, droplets & baskets, is designed to brew the best coffee for those people seeking a sustainable and environment-friendly alternative to paper filter. The coffee filters are manufactured to match with popular coffee brewer such as Aeropress & Kone. They are designed with diverse dimensions to satisfy your requirement. There are two colors - original color and gold tone. Gold tone stainless steel coffee filter is 18k gold plated and will create no toxics during the coffee brewing.

Features & benefits of stainless steel coffee filter:

  • Cleanable & reusable forever.
  • Food grade stainless steel for health.
  • High dense holes for grit free.
  • No toxic chemicals getting into your coffee.
  • Perfectly fit the Aeropress & Kone coffee brewer.
  • Droplets, discs & baskets are available.
Two pieces of stainless steel coffee filter disc with stainless steel plate frame.
SSCF-2 Stainless steel coffee filter discs
Gold tone stainless steel coffee filter basket with black handle
SSCF-3 Gold tone coffee filter basket with handle

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