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Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter - Three Types for Choice

Stainless steel plain weave sintered mesh cartridge filter
SSSFC-1 Plain weave sintered mesh filter cartridge

Stainless steel sintered mesh filter cartridge, usually manufactured from 5-layer sintered wire mesh, is an integrated porous filter element. As the SSSFC-4 shown in sintered mesh filter basics, the middle layer mesh with fine gauge decides to the size of particles and rates of filtration. Other coarser mesh or perforated screen overlaid is designed to support and protect the fine filtration layer. The rigid structure of sintered mesh offers better performance in precise pore size, flow permeability and lower pressure drop.

Stainless steel filter cartridge plays an important role in the filtration of heavily contaminated gases, liquids and steam. With the help of the inherent properties of stainless steel, stainless sintered metal filter cartridge filter does better job in resisting high temperatures, differential pressures and corrosive environments than paper or synthetic fabric.

Stainless steel elements can be plain, pleated cartridge & cylinders to suit the filtration conditions. Pleated structure enlarges the filtration area and improves the efficiency. We have professional engineers to design special stainless steel filter for you.

Product specification:

  • Item: stainless steel sintered mesh filter cartridge.
  • Material: stainless steel 304 & 316 (special material on request).
  • Standard diameter: 66 mm.
  • Length: 125 mm, 250 mm, 498 mm, 1012 mm.
  • Gaskets: EPDM, silicone, nitrile or as required.

NOTE: bespoke diameters & lengths are available.


  • Chemical processing.
  • Water treatment.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Food & beverage.
  • Nuclear & energy.

Features & benefits:

  • High operating differential pressures.
  • Re-cleanable & reusable.
  • High permeability.
  • Low clean and pressure drops.
  • Premium dirt holding capacity.
  • Less maintenance costs.
  • Pleated construction for more filtration area.

Stainless steel sintered mesh cartridges:

  • Pleated sintered mesh cartridges.
    Sintered metal mesh filter cartridges with different couplings
    SSSFC-2 Stainless steel pleated filter cartridge for low pressure drop and good chemical properties.
    Stainless steel sintered mesh filter cartridge for chemical processing
    SSSFC-3 Stainless steel filter cartridge for chemical factories
    A man holding a pleated filter cartridge with 10 mm diameter
    SSSFC-4 Pleated sintered mesh filter cartridge
  • Cylindrical cartridge filter.
    Stainless steel filter cylinder with pleated structure for more filtration area
    SSSFC-5 Cylindrical pleated sintered metal mesh filter with stainless steel sleeves
    Stainless steel pleated mesh filter cylinder
    SSSFC-6 Light-duty stainless steel filter cylinder
    Pleated sintered mesh filter supported by inner perforated tube
    SSSFC-7 Hydraulic pleated sintered metal mesh filter
    Sintered mesh filter cylindrical overlaid by plain weave mesh
    SSSFC-8 Sintered mesh cylindrical filter
    Plain sintered mesh filter cylinder for light duty filtration
    SSSFC-9 Plain sintered mesh filter cylinder
  • Sintered mesh basket filter.
    Unique sintered mesh filter with handle
    SSSFC-10 Metal mesh filter with custom specification
    Sintered stainless steel cone filter overlaid by perforated cone
    SSSFC-11 Sintered perforated cone filter
    Sintered mesh basket - plain weave for high flow fluid
    SSSFC-12 Plain weave sintered mesh basket
    Stainless steel basket filter with perforated basket support
    SSSFC-13 Stainless steel filter basket with handle
    Sintered mesh basket filter with flange
    SSSFC-14 Stainless steel sintered mesh basket filter with flange
    6-layer metal basket filter for depth filtration
    SSSFC-15 Perforated metal basket filter with flange

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