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3 Reasons of Selecting Knitted Mesh Filter

Knitted wire mesh filter is made of metal wires with flexible & strong interlocking loops. This special structure makes it distinguish from other metal filters like wire mesh or sintered mesh filters. First, it can move freely in the same plane without distorting the mesh. Second, it can stand up with thermal shock and vibrations without breaking up. The two advantages make it versatile in filtration, especially in depth filtration.

Three reasons of selection knitted mesh filter:

  • Flexible, strong and resilient characters coupled with heat, corrosion and shock resistance make it ideal for extreme applications.
  • Available in any shapes to suit the filtration uses.
  • Tortuous path construction creates larger dirt-holing without blockage.
Stainless steel knitted wire mesh filter with different diameters and thickness.
KWMF-1 Compressed stainless steel knitted mesh filter

Product specification:

  • Item: knitted wire mesh filter.
  • Material: stainless steel, galvanized & carbon steel.
  • Wire diameter: 0.002 to 0.03 inch.
  • Density: 48, 60, 76, 100 & 130 opening/inch.
  • Structure: layered, compressed & spiral wound.
  • Shapes: rings, tapes, cylinders, discs & special shapes (on record).

Features & Benefits:

  • Interlocking wire loop structure.
  • Withstand high temperature & corrosions.
  • Withstand thermal shock and vibration without breaking up.
  • Excellent filtration capability.
  • Available in any special forms.
  • Ideal for depth filtration.
  • Economical cost.


  • Airbag slag filters.
  • Kitchen range hood grease filter.
  • Intake filters for air compressors.
  • Air intake filters for automotive vehicles & engines.
  • Fuel filters.
  • Fuel injection filters.
  • Oil & air breather elements.
  • Oil bath separators.
  • Engine breathers.
  • Attenuation filters in pneumatic tools.
A sheet of black wire knitted mesh
KWMF-2 Black wire knitted mesh
A roll of black wire knitted mesh filter
KWMF-3 Black wire knitted mesh filter roll
Copper knitted mesh filter for lubricate oil filtration
KWMF-4 Copper knitted mesh filter
Galvanized steel knitted wire mesh tape for air filtration
KWMF-5 Knitted mesh tape with 60 opening/inch
Stainless steel knitted mesh filter
KWMF-6 Stainless steel knitted mesh for corrosive-liquid filtration
Knitted mesh gasket with rubber inside
KWMF-7 Knitted mesh gaskets - elastomer with knitted mesh overlaid
Crimped knitted mesh flat filters
KWMF-8 Crimped knitted mesh flats
Layered knitted mesh and crimped mesh with steel frame used to make grease hood filters
KWMF-9 Knitted mesh grease filters
Knitted mesh demister pad in rectangle shape with welded round rod grid.
KWMF-10 Rectangle knitted mesh demister pad
Knitted mesh demister pad in round shape with steel plate grid
KWMF-11 Round knitted mesh demister pad
Air bag knitted mesh filter disc
KWMF-12 Knitted mesh air bag filters
Thick compressed knitted mesh filters discs - stainless steel wire knitted
KWMF-13 Thick compressed knitted mesh filters discs
Compressed knitted mesh filter from stainless steel wire
KWMF-14 Compressed knitted mesh for filtration, separating and gaskets
Rectangle knitted mesh filter
KWMF-15 Rectangle knitted mesh filter
Knitted mesh cartridge filter
KWMF-16 Knitted mesh cartridge filter
Knitted mesh cylinder filter with plain wire mesh overlaid
KWMF-17 Knitted mesh cylindrical filter welded to external plain wire mesh

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