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Sieve Bend Screens with High Efficiency in Separating

Sieve bend screens (also called DSM screen, side hill screens, run down screens & gravity screens) are manufactured by curved v-shaped wedge wire which running parallel to the width of the screen or running parallel to the flow. Precise slot spacing and rigid structure ensure high efficiency in separating solids from liquids. At the same time, curved wedge wire screen increases the holding capacity than flat wedge screen. Typical material is stainless steel which provides long service life & premium properties in resisting corrosion & high temperature.

Wedge wire sieve bend screens can be custom made and designed for your applications. Our R&D team will make complete bend sieve screen units and replacement to suit the existing unit.

Product specifications:

  • Item: Sieve bend screen.
  • Material: AISI 304, 316 stainless steel.
  • Slot opening: from 0.2 mm.
  • Size: customized to suit your requirements.

Features & benefits:

  • High corrosive resistance.
  • Withstand high temperature.
  • V-shaped profile wire.
  • Efficient separation with sharp cut.


  • Food processing.
  • Mineral processing.
  • Fish processing.
  • Surface water intakes.
  • Sugar mills.
  • Coal mining & quarrying.
  • Cement.
Sieve bend screens specification
Profile wire width (inch) Relief angle Typical support rod
1/16 13 degrees Small round rod
3/32 13 degrees Round or rectangular bar
1/8 13 or 15 degrees Round or rectangular bar
Stainless steel sieve bend screen for separating
WWSBS-1 Stainless steel sieve bend screen
DSM screen used in sugar processing
WWSBS-2 DSM screens used in sugar processing
Sieve bend screen used in food processing
WWSBS-3 Wedge wire sieve bend screen used in food processing

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