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HGF-PSM One-Piece FRMC Hot Gas Filter – Up to 3 mm Wall Thickness

One-piece FRMC hot gas filter in piles, with one piece flange itself.

The FRMC hot gas dust removal filter is a self-developed sintered filter, applied for high-temperature flue gas dust removal. And it is constructed of sintered metal powder.

This one-piece frmc hot gas filter has one-piece structure, and it has strong corrosion resistance and good thermal shock resistance. Compared with HGF-TWM Strengthened FRMC Hot Gas Filters and HGF-MFE Standard FRMC Hot Gas Filters, its wall thickness can up to 3 mm, which means higher strength, and stable structure while back pulse cleaning.

It is widely used in the flue gas dust removal industry under high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosion conditions such as coal chemical industry and submerged arc furnace.


  • High strength. Wall thickness can reach 1.5–3 mm. Compared with the bag filter, it does not need cage bone support to increase the strength.
  • Corrosion resistance. Made of metal powder, it offers higher resistant to strong corrosive gases such as SO2, SO3, HCL, HF, than fiber bag filters made of Polyphenylene Sulfide, meta-aramid and aramid under high temperature conditions.
  • Good thermal shock resistance. Its metal sintered integrated structure is stronger than ceramic dust filters when the temperature rises suddenly.
  • High temperature resistance. It can directly remove dust at high temperatures ranging from 450 °C to 650 °C. It doesn’t need to cool down like polyester fiber bag filters.
  • High filtration accuracy. The dust content after purification is ≤ 5 mg/Nm3.


Mixed metal powder for One-piece FRMC hot gas filter
Mixed metal powder
Sintered metal powder filter tube for One-piece FRMC hot gas filter
One-piece FRMC hot gas filter


Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Wall Thickness (mm)
60 1500 1.5–3
60 1750 1.5–3
60 2000 1.5–3
60 2250 1.5–3
60 2500 1.5–3
60 3000 1.5–3
Note: The wall thickness can be designed based on the actual request.

Working Principle

One-piece FRMC hot gas filter working process drawing.
One-piece FRMC hot gas filter working process.

The high-temperature flue gas dust removal metal filter elements (HGCF-PSM) are fixed on the ceiling plate in the dust removal filter. The dust-containing high-temperature gas enters the filter elements from the outside to the inside, under the action of the induced-draft fan. Dust particles in the hot gas are blocked on the outer surface of the filter tube, and the clean gas is discharged into the air through the filter layer.


Hot gas dust removal sintered metal filters are mainly suitable for high-temperature flue gas dust removal in coal chemical, metallurgy, non-ferrous metallurgy and phosphorous chemical industries , etc.

  • In the coal chemical industry, it is mainly used for the purification of high-temperature gas.
  • In the metallurgical industry, it is mainly used for the purification of high temperature and strong corrosive gases and combustible gases such as ferroalloys and high-titanium slag furnaces.
High temperature gas purification treatment in coal chemical industry
Dust removal and filtration of high temperature coal gas in coal refinery
High-temperature furnace gas purification and recovery treatment in the metallurgical industry
Purification and recovery of high-temperature furnace gas in ferroalloy smelters

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